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Introducing the Lynn Vest

I’m thrilled to announce the independent release of the Lynn Vest. The Lynn Vest originally appeared in issue 6 of Tauko Magazine. The theme of this issue is “What Artists Wear”. When designing the vest, the artist that I had in mind was my late father-in-law, Lynn. He may not have called himself an artist, but he certainly was in his own right. He was a carpenter who built many of his family’s homes, and my husband designed the last house that Lynn built. Being in the home feels like a culmination of many years of hard work and learning. 

This lifelong dedication to one’s craft influenced the design of the Lynn Vest. It is a modern take on workwear clothing – practical and functional. The modular, zero-waste design lends itself to the straightforward style of workwear clothing while allowing the maker to add personal touches to let themselves shine through their handwork.

The Lynn Vest is a functional garment that may be considered “masculine” in form, but the design pushes those boundaries – it is a vest for everyone. It can also become a symbol of the makers’ handwork, just as paint covers painter’s clothes – a symbol of their work. A sewist is an artist who can wear their art and work, but it may not be evident to an outsider that the wearer had a hand in making their clothes. The sewist is showing their craft by adding hand-stitching to the Lynn Vest. The hand-stitching is evidence that their hands directly had a play in making the garment. The maker could also use scraps to create an improv or planned quilted piece that can show the maker’s personality.

The Lynn Vest is a fully reversible layering piece with a roomy fit and an open front. The zero-waste design uses all the required fabric for the main body and lining. Due to the modular design, the vest can be easily sized up, down, or lengthened, and the design accommodates every BODY. The vest includes deep armholes, multiple pockets, and hand-stitched details. 

The construction begins by first sewing smaller pattern pieces together to create whole, conventional vest pattern pieces and then sewing the complete garment. By using special steps, the garment is entirely reversible. Optional hand-stitched details complete the garment. The Lynn Vest is highly adaptable. For example, adjust the length or size down for a more fitted vest to suit your preference.

The Lynn Vest is boxy, with the hem hitting at the high hip. The vest is a layering piece. The deep armholes and ease allow the vest to be worn over sweaters or loose-fitting tops, but it works equally well over T-shirts and dresses. When selecting your size, it is recommended to use your bust/chest measurement as your guide.

For the samples shown, I sewed a Size B that has been shortened (the denim sample is 21″ long, and the purple piece is 22″ long). My measurements are 36″ bust/34″ waist/42″ hips, and I am 5’4″ tall. My measurements put my bust in Size B and my hips in Size C. Since the vest is open, I’m not as concerned about my hip measurement and instead selected based on my bust measurement as recommended. This allows for a better fit in the shoulder and chest area while still leaving room at the hips. A thorough fit guide is included in the pattern instructions and walks you through how to make potential adjustments to the zero-waste layout so you can achieve your desired fit.

I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone decides to make their own Lynn Vest. The modular pattern layout is well-suited for letting your creativity run. I’m not a quilter, but I imagine a quilt block inserted into the back panel. Or a color-blocked version made from fabric remnants from your stash. You may want something subtle on one side but playful on the other. A few hack and modification ideas are included in the pattern to get you thinking about all the possibilities.

The Lynn Vest is on sale for 15% off from now until September 17th (midnight CST). If you have any questions about the pattern, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me – Thank you to everyone for all your support! I’m looking forward to seeing more Lynn Vests out in the world. #GoldfinchLynnVest and #LynnVest

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