Goldfinch Textile Studio is focused on designing zero and minimal waste sewing patterns and examining ways to use fabric waste. My sewing patterns are for the home sewist who wants to learn a different approach to pattern layout and cutting. I’m also documenting different ways to utilize fabric waste in interesting ways the create beautiful, one-of-a-kind garments. I’m hoping you will join the conversation.

Zero Waste Sewing Patterns

Zero waste sewing is a method of sewing were the goal is to utilize all the required fabric to make a finished product. My goal is to create garments that are not only zero waste, but modern and approachable for the home sewist. I want the sewist to feel comfortable with the concept of the pattern so they can, in turn, make adjustments that work for the fabric they want to use or make changes to meet their own style preferences.

On the Blog

  • Short-sleeve Pierce Shirt Hack
    At the beginning of the design process for the Pierce Shirt, I planned to offer two views – a long-sleeve and a short-sleeve version. As the development progressed, it slowly became too much to handle two different pattern layouts, so I decided to drop the short-sleeve view and focus solely on the long-sleeved… Read more: Short-sleeve Pierce Shirt Hack