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Jones Trousers Tester Makes

Hello, Hello! It has been a bit of a whirlwind with the release of the Jones Trousers. I have been blown away by the response to the pattern! I wanted to take a moment and highlight the pattern tester makes. I am beyond grateful for the time and effort that everyone put into testing this pattern, as it was essential to making this pattern the best that it can be. It’s also important for you to be able to see the pants on a variety of bodies and see what kind/if any modifications were made to achieve the desired fit.

Here is a look at everyone’s makes and sizes:

Michele: Waist – 40″ Hip: 54″ | Size made: M |

Michele selected her size based on her hip measurement. Due to the difference at the waist, she put in additional back darts to help bring in the waist. Her pants are made from heavy-weight linen (7oz). Michele noted how confident she felt while wearing them!

Alexis: Waist – 30″ Hip – 42″ | Size made: F | @helloalexisbailey

Alexis chose her size based on her waist measurement. She made her pair out of a light-weight corduroy (which does require a bit of preplanning before cutting). She eliminated the belt loops and back pockets.

Alyx: Waist – 26” Hip – 35” | Size made: A | @enderallsews

Alyx chose to size down and make Size A based on the finished garment measurements. She used a denim cotton twill to make her trousers. She eliminated the back pockets and cuffs.

Tracy: Waist – 59.5” Hip – 59.5” | Size made: P | @cotton_and_seed_handmade

Tracy made a toile out of a bedsheet to test the fit. She found that the pants were very comfortable, but the pocket openings were too small. I was able to address this issue for the final pattern.

Cindy: Waist – 27″ Hip – 37″ | Size made: D | @the_sew_sew

Cindy’s waist was a size C and hips were a size E so she made size D. She was able to modify the waist easily and the hip ease made it great to size down. She took 1″ in on the waist through back darts and side seams. Cindy made her pair out of 6 oz. denim.

Morgan: Waist – 54″ Hip – 67″ | Size made: Q | @hedgewitchmakes

Morgan chose to make a Size Q based on her hip measurement. Due to the difference between her hip and waist measurements, she made the side seams curve inwards and also made the back darts wider. Her version is made from a heavyweight cotton blend.

Erika: Waist – 25″, Hip – 34″ | Size made: A | @eruthd

Erika made a Size A and chose her size based on her waist measurement. She found that she still had plenty of ease at the hips when using the waist measurement to select a size.

Rebecca: Waist – 29”, Hip – 37” | Size made: E | @rebeccacreechcreates

Rebecca’s measured exactly in Size E. She made her version out of ventana twill and did not make any modifications to this pair.

Andrea: Waist – 35.8″/91 cm, Hip – 41.7″/106 cm | Size made: H | @andreawedley

Andrea’s measurements put her in two sizes – I for the waist and H for the waist. She chose to make a straight size H and due to the elastic back she was able to make that size work well for her. She made her final pair out of a linen-viscose mix.

Kathe: Waist – 36″, Hip – 40″ | Size made G | @tijerashomesewn

Kathe measures across 3 sizes. After discussing the options, she decided to make a pair based on her hip size and make adjustments to the waist. She did eliminate the back darts to accommodate the difference at the waist. Her pair is made from a lightweight denim cotton.

Mandy: Waist – 37”, Hip – 49” | Size made: K | @handmademandy

Mandy’s measurements put her across a couple of sizes. She chose to sew Size K which is closest to her hip size. She made no modifications to Size K and made the pants out of linen.

Jessica: Waist – 27″ Hip – 35″ | Size made: C | @jess.sews.stuff

Jessica’s measurements put her right at a Size C. She added 1″ to the front and back rise and removed 1″ from the front and back pant leg. She considered her seated hip measurement and expected range of motion when choosing a size and looked at the finished measurement chart to compare.

Amanda: Waist – 39.4″/100 cm Hip – 49.7″/126cm | Size made: K | @queen_ambrosia_

Amanda’s measurements put her between a Size K and Size L . After playing around with the traced pattern pieces she decided on a K. She used a drapey eucalyptus/linen/cotton blend.

Lenzy: Waist – 30″ Hip – 40″ | Size made: G | @thepetitepearsews

Lenzy’s waist and hip fell into two different sizes. She selected a size based off of her hip measurement and adjusted the waist by increasing the darts and pleats, and the side seam allowance from the hip to waist. She also shorted the legs to accommodate her height. Her version is made from slub linen.

Jess: Waist – 48″ Hip – 62″ | Size made: P | @jessicarosesews

Jess made a Size P based off of her hip measurement. For her next pair she plans on grading the waist so there is less excess fabric in the back.

Laila: Waist – 42.9″/109cm Hip – 53.4″/137cm | Size made: M | @La.ila.creates

Laila made a Size M based off of her hip measurement. To adjust for the waist difference, she made the back darts each .75″/2cm wider (but kept the length the same) and tapered the center back seam to .75″/2cm at the waist.

Carolyn: Waist – 30” Hip – 34.5” | Size made: B | @Carolynchen403

After making a toile, Carolyn noted some adjustments that she wanted to make. She made leg gusset smaller and made front pleat a little smaller to accommodate for a larger waist measurement my larger waist. She also took in more at center back to work better with her body.

Hopefully seeing all the different sizes is helpful for you when picking a size for your Jones Trousers. You can see that the pattern is pretty forgiving in terms of fit. You may select your size based on your hip or waist measurement or in between. Be sure to refer to the finished garment measurements when selecting a size to be sure you are happy with the amount of ease.

Once again, thank you to all my amazing testers! Going back through all the photos has me feeling so grateful for everyone who is so willing to help making sewing patterns better. If you have any questions about selecting a size please don’t hesitate to reach out to me:

5 thoughts on “Jones Trousers Tester Makes

  1. I love how thorough this post is – especially the notes about how people chose sizes & made adjustments.
    My hips are usually 4-5 pattern sizes smaller than my waist, so this sort of information is really useful to see!

    1. I’m glad that you found it helpful!

  2. Thank you for these–after reading this post, I’m very excited to give them a try. Being able to see a range of sizes can be a determiner for me, but these look great on everyone here.

    1. I’m so glad that you found it helpful. Everyone did such a great job with their versions!

  3. […] The impressive size range fits a 33″/83.8cm hip to a 72″/182.9cm. To see what these trousers look like on a variety of bodies, and in a variety of fabrics, I highly recommend looking at the album of tester makes. […]

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